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Say Yes Process

Say Yes Diamonds is bringing a new take on bridal jewelry creativity.

We at Say Yes Diamonds are proud to be the ONLY custom jewelry boutique to touch on every stage of the design process.

Diamond Sourcing

Say Yes Diamonds are sourced direct. We carefully select each diamond with you in mind. We sell at trade level pricing so you can ensure you are getting the best deal possible. It is the ethical mission of Say Yes Diamonds to work exclusively with conflict-free diamonds.

Diamond Cutting

Say Yes Diamonds are all cut in house, by our master diamond cutters. You can be sure that every diamond we sell is cut for maximum brilliance. We only cut and sell the highest cut grades available. All we care about is that our diamonds sparkle more then anyone elses.

Ring Design

 We take the designs you have in mind, and make it a reality. Each ring is designed to your specifications and hand crafted for you. Almost anything is possible.

Diamond Setting

 Once the rings have been crafted, diamond setting is the next step. This, in my opinion, is second most important to choosing your diamonds. We have the best micro-setters in Toronto making sure each and every diamond is set to last a lifetime.

Diamond Laser Inscription

One of the most exciting and unique parts of our process is the Diamond Laser Inscription. Once you have chosen the perfect diamond for you, we laser inscribe each diamond with a microscopic message of your choosing. This could be your name, wedding date, a sweet message, anything you desire. There is no better way to ingrain a special note on the diamond you gift to your loved one. You add security to your diamond that cannot be taken away. It will always be recognized as your diamond.

Independent Jewelry Appraisal

The final step is the Independent Jewelry Appraisal. This is a detailed notation of your ring and diamonds specifically written for insurance purposes.

Meet the Specialist

Alan Delides brings his passion for diamonds, jewelry design and understanding of client needs to realize your vision.

The entire custom design process is completed locally in Toronto.
The Say Yes Diamonds design team is involved in every step of the process to ensure your jewelry is of the highest standard and quality.

Alan specialises in finding the worlds most fantastic diamonds, and holds over 14 Years in the Diamond industry. Accredited Diamond Specialist/Diamontologist with the Gemological Institute of America and the Diamond Council of America. Alan is internationally connected and has worked with some the worlds best in the industry.