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Contact Us for Custom Jewelry!
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We guarantee all materials and workmanship of every ring up to one year. 

If any accent diamonds fall out or have been lost due to the original setting (not because of damages due to wear and tear), we will replace them for free.  

If any diamond setting becomes loose at any point, we will re-set it for free for life. 

We guarantee all diamonds, from big to small, from Natural to Man Made, are 100% conflict free and ethically sourced.

We guarantee all of our metals are of the highest purity allocated, and true to it’s identity from 14k Gold to Platinum.

We guarantee all items are designed, created, set and hand finished right here in Toronto. 


All our engagement rings come with a certified jewelry appraisal report. This shows all the information regarding your ring along with the retail replacement value. These are specifically given for insurance purposes. 

These reports are created independently by a certified jewelry appraiser in Toronto, Canada.  


We offer 1 time free ring resizing for life.


We guarantee to have your product arrive at your door 3-6 weeks after placing your order. 

All items are 100% insured during shipment from the moment it leaves our studio, to the moment in arrives at your door.