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Say Yes Diamonds Guarantee

Say Yes is crafted locally to the highest quality standard, earning the reputation of unparallel distinction in the jewelry industry.

Customers can be assured of quality of the finest materials, uncompromising passion for design, and customer service excellence that is tailored to your unique needs and budget requirements.

Say Yes Diamonds Ethical Guarantee

It is the ethical mission of Say Yes to work with conflict-free diamonds.

Say Yes works exclusively with the world leaders in polished diamond distrubution, directly from the mine, to you.

You can be sure that you will recieve the finest diamonds the world has to offer. 

We, at Say Yes Diamonds, are extremely strict in our picking of diamond inventory. We only pick diamonds that are represented correctly by the grading reports that accompany them. 

You can be sure your choice, is an accurate one, as our specialist hand picked only the best, for you.

Say Yes Diamonds’ jewelry is complemented with an accredited third party appraisal for insurance and a record of being graded and certified through accredited laboratories such as GEM SCAN and GIA.

Lifetime Guarantee

  • Free Lifetime Inspection and cleaning of your ring for it’s lifetime.

  • Free 1 time re-siziing of your ring for it’s lifetime.

  • We guarantee the material and workmanship of your custom ring for 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • We offer a lifetime trade up policy on the main diamond. You can trade up your diamond at any time, as long as the new diamond is atleast 50% greater in price