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 Say Yes Custom Engagement Rings

Creating your dream engagement ring has never been this fun, personalized and easy! You choose your engagement ring based on your preferred budget.

Our unique Selection Lines are separated by their own distinct color and custom hand made velvet ring boxes.

Customizing your engagement ring is an easy 3 step process:

Choose Your Favourite Diamond Shape


Choose Your Favourite Ring Design 

Choose Your Perfect Diamond

Round Brilliant Cut <br> 1.51ct <br> <img src="https://sayyesdiamonds.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/CVD-100.png" width="45" height="15" />

Each Natural and CVD Diamond featured has been hand selected, sourced ethically and 100% conflict free. Our complete diamond list changes bi-weekly to keep it fresh and get you the best diamonds possible at the best prices. Price compare us, we dare you! 



Meet Our Designs 

Try our unique Ring Selection Process.

A 3 step journey to your dream engagement ring.

Slim Soli

A classic dainty design with a modern twist

The Bezel

The modern minimalist design accentuates any diamond

The 3/4 Soli

Dainty solitaire with a micro-pavè set diamond band

The Halo

Surrounding your main diamond with more diamonds. The Halo adds elegance, one diamond at a time

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